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Pandion Europe B.V.
Pandion Europe bvba is a Belgian company, with head office in Ghent (BE), operating in the automotive aftermarket focusing on both consultancy and agency. Bar's Products Europe works closely with Pandion Europe, B.V. as an intermediary for the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa Regions) to handle sales management, explore and develop new business, and mange international key accounts.


ABC Parts Spain S.L.
ABC PARTS is a young company, formed in 2012 by a team of professionals with extensive experience in the sector. More than 20 years of career together with the continuous effort and great dedication in each of the projects we carry out, makes it possible to offer our customers the best products, the latest innovations and quality service.
Adamol Mineralolhandelsgesellschaft M.B.H.
ADAMOL Mineralölhandelsges.m.b.H. has always been well known in the field of engine oils and lubricants. Over the years ADAMOL has developed to a full range supplier for engine oils, gear oils, greases, care and cleaning as well as chemical products for all possible vehicle types.
"Possibly many products from one source“ is the declared goal of the reputable company with its headquarters in Vienna.
Auto Care AS
Auto Care is part of the Seab group. Auto Care currently represents several of the largest car care brands in Norway.
Consortium Moderne Distribution
CMD, whose warehouses are based on the AIX LES MILLES (13) site, distributes automotive parts and accessories throughout France. These products come from well-known European and non-European manufacturers.
Dr. O.K. Wack Chemie GMBH
Since 1975 , Dr. O.K. Wack Chemie GMBH develops premium care products for the highest demands. The products offer the customer the best possible result with the least possible effort.
Getz Nordic
Getz Nordic Ltd. is a leading supplier and wholesaler of auto maintenance products. The company in Latvia represents well-known brands of cosmetics, chemistry and accessories in the world. Getz Nordic Ltd. has been working with more than 800 customers since its inception in 1995, including leading retail chains, car services, car wash, dealers and car parks.
Lampa S.P.A
Lampa is a historic Mantua company leader in the sector of spare parts for cars, cycles and trucks, born in the 50s thanks to the strong entrepreneurship of Aldo Marutti. The head office is located in the territory of Viadana in 5 different structures: 1 central warehouse, 3 satellite warehouses and the new logistics center, operational since 2003.
Meteor CEE Kft.
Meteor started off in Hungary in 1993. Ever since it has been in a leading role in the market of car related products. The company’s partners include almost all of the hypermarkets, supermarkets, home improvement stores, chains of gas stations and other wholesale distributors around Hungary.
SEAB currently provides high quality products to nurture, preserve and protect vehicles, homes and garages. With the help of strong brands, we create business opportunities, profitability and growth for our partners. SEAB currently represent a large number of global strong brands in the Swedish market.
SEAB Finland OY
SEAB Finland focuses on marketing and importing well-known branded goods primarily in the vehicle category. SEAB reached approximately 4,300 stores in various categories through our dealer network. SEAB Finland has been a part of SEAB Nordic since 2004.
Service Best International BV
Service Best International is the number 1 wholesaler in car, bicycle, motorcycle and truck accessories and serves thousands of customers worldwide. SBI offers you a one-stop-shop story that is supported by online, shelf management and product development to increase your sales return. As a leading player on the market, SBI offers you a sophisticated range that has been compiled with care and can even be adapted to your wishes.
Steico Ioannidis Mike
STEICO Ioannidis Group of companies is well known in the market of lubricants, chemicals and products for the car and industrial use, for the high qualitative standards on customers’ service and the experienced knowledge of the market needs.
Top Spol. S.R.O.
The idea came into being in 1992. At that time, Czechoslovakia's offer of car cosmetics was very weak. We began to intensively devote ourselves to this area and gradually gained exclusive representation of prestigious companies with car cosmetics and car accessories for the newly created Slovak Republic. We still operate as an exclusive importer and at the same time we have a distribution network that covers the whole of Slovakia.
Willy Erny AG
The company Erny is a leading company in Switzerland in the field of car accessories such as steel and aluminum wheels, hitches, snow chains, care products, tuning articles and car and child seats. In addition, components for commercial vehicle and chassis construction are distributed.


Bar's Products Europe
Bar's Products Europe is headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and distributes Bar's Leaks products across Europe, Northern Africa, Russia, and the Middle East. We work closely with international partners to deliver the best quality automotive products.
Zero Falle
Il Sig. Santo Rosaci, trascorre e lavora moltissimi anni negli Stati Uniti d’America come rappresentante per la vendita dei prodotti Bar’s Leaks. Grazie agli insegnamenti di Mr. Fred D. Barton ed alla bontà del prodotto, il Sig. Rosaci avvia una propria attività, introducendo per primo i prodotti della Bar’s leaks sigillatori sul mercato Italiano. Nel 1974 nasce la Bar’s Leaks Italia. Primo punto vendita in tutta Italia della compagnia Bar’s Leaks. La Bar’s Leaks Italia dopo alcuni anni cambia nome divenendo Zero Falle

Bar's Products International, Ltd. holds more than 120 trademarks in over 50 countries.

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